YesBIT⑨ Registration Procedure

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YesBIT⑨Register・Payment operation method!

1・Sign Up

1、Username;Set with more than 8 characters




5、Payment Password

6、Re-Payment Password

、  Referral Username(Already reflected)

7、Register Click

2・Completion of registration

When you register, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

Click the email URL to complete registration.

If you do not click the URL, registration will not be completed, so be sure to click it.

3・Registration completion email

You will receive a registration completion email.


1;My account click

2;Identity verification click

3;Last name input

4;First name input

5;Enter your Full name in English

6;Gender selection

7;Enter your date of birth

8;Country selection

9;Attach a selfie photo with license or passport

Make the image clear so that the text is not blurred.

10;Please attach your address on the back of your license or on your passport

11;Click Save

5・Payment method(YBP buy)

Once your identity is verified, you can make a deposit.

When you deposit with BTC, it will be automatically transferred to YBP.

Lotto starts at $ 5 each, so it's recommended to deposit more than $ 5 BTC.

1;Click Transfer Recharge

2; Click YesPoint Recharge

3;BTC Quantity input(Enter the BTC you want to reflect as YBP)
(1YBP = 1BTC)

4;Click Next

6・BTC remittance address

BTC remittance to the displayed address

The BTC for the remittance is reflected as YBP

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7・Payment confirmation

reflected when the status of Deposit History changes from "Pending" to "Confirmed".

Since BTC is converted to YBP and reflected, it takes longer than normal BTC remittance, but it will be deposited in 30 minutes to 24 hours.

You can now join the lottery at any time. enjoy !

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